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Immigration Policy in Germany

A signpost with the inscription
"Ausländerbehörde", the German
immigration authority. Photo: Infinite
Ache, licence: CC by-nc 2.0
licence: CC by-nc 2.0

General aspects of immigration policy in Germany and Europe

Concept for a Nationwide Integration Course (revised edition)


The integration of immigrants has been subject to legislation since the Immigration Act of 2005. Integration courses are considered a key to immigrant integration in Germany and accordingly, courses have been developed that provide the (adult) participants with a command of German as well as teaching them about Germany, its legal system and democratic constitution. The aim is [...] 

BAMF Welcome to Germany - EDUCATION


English language information on education in Germany (school system, early childhood education and care, vocational education/adult learning) focusing on practical guidance for immigrants, e.g. multilingual day-careinstitutions, language promotion in kindergarten, teacher qualifications for immigrants, further training. 

Germany Strives to Integrate Immigrants with new Policies


Following the German EU Council Presidency in the first six months of 2007, the Federal Rpublic of Germany has introduced reforms to the 2005 immigration laws. This article outlines the main changes, with a focus on the National Integration Plan (NIP) that is to be introduced on July 12, 2007, and the German policy is otlined within the framework of the EU Common Basic [...] 

First-time asylum applicants: in Germany 2015: Social structure, level of qualifications, and employment


Ssocial component data are collected by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) on a voluntary basis during the first-time asylum application procedure, and provide a rough overview of the qualification structure of those seeking protection. This Brief Analysis takes a look at the year 2015 data. 

Information about spouse immigration to Germany


Information about spouse immigration to Germany, focusing on basic German language skills, their acquisition and certification by Goethe Institute. 

Cultural Integration in Germany (IZA discussion paper No. 4675)


This paper investigates the integration processes of immigrants in Germany by comparing certain immigrant groups to natives differentiating by gender and immigrant generation. Indicators which are supposed to capture cultural integration of immigrants are differences in marital behavior as well as language abilities, ethnic identification and religious distribution. A special [...] 

European Commission: Towards a Common European Union Immigration Policy


The European Commission outlines basic objectives and programmes for the development of a common immigration policy, focusing on current developments, economic conditions, data (countries of origin, family re-unions, long-term immigration,illegal immigration, immigration for purposes of work/study). 

The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX)


The Migration, Integration Policy Index assesses the migration policy of all EU countries, Canada, Norway and Switzerland as well as the USA. 140 indicators cover the areas of education, access to the labour market, long-term residence of immigrants, the right to vote, participaton in society. MIPEX is supported by the European Union and conducted under the auspices of the [...] 




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