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Eduserver Wiki: Education Dictionary
Went online on May 29, 2007
As a so-called Wikipedia fork this dictionary of educational terms is specifically directed at the Eduserver “community“, hence it addresses actors in education as well as the general public showing an interest in educational issues. The Eduserver thus responds to the fact that so far, as Wikipedia claims, participation is still low in the areas of social and human science. by opening a specific forum for the field of education and care. A stronger involvement of the professional communities in the area of education can contribute to covering important educational topics and improve the quality of academic articles. The education Wiki starts on a basis of ca. 500 articles, these were selected from the corpus of the German language Wikipedia collection, transferred and edited. From now on, the users are invited - and supported by the Eduserver editors - to continue improving, enhancing and enriching the quality of the collection by means of joint indexing (Social Tagging)
Currently a German language version of the Wiki is available only.

WIK-i: The Information desk for educational issues
Went online on June 15, 2007
The Wiki Information desk documents professional requests issued to the editors as well as their responses in a systematic and easy-to-search fashion. The information desk will enable users to enhance existing information. They can further exchange their expertise on particular subjects and assist each other in finding the required information.

Bildungsserver-Wiki "Weltliteratur"
Went online on June 15, 2007
The Wiki portal on world literature, "Weltliteratur", constitutes a project aimed at a comprehensive collection of resources regarding important writers and world literature works, e.g. for educational purposes. Apart from basic information as to authors and works, the articles should therefore also refer to educational issues ranging from simple questions to full scale teaching concepts. We always welcome good authors who would like to particpate in this project.
This Wiki is in German. .




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