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April 23: UNESCO World Day of Books and Copyright

UNESCO celebrates April 23as the “World Book and Copyright Day”, to mark the significance of books and reading as a manifestation of creativity and humanity. Apart from reading and authors’ rights, access to written works and mobile reading are focused, e.g. open educational resources, mobile reading devices.

UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day


April 23 is the UNESCO World Day of Books and Copyright, which is celebrated by events to promote reading and awareness of copyright law in more than 100 countries. This UNESCO website offers articles, events, and background information. 

UNESCO-Welttag des Buches - Deutschland


The German website by the official operation partners of UNESCO World Day of Books and Copyright, promoting the objectives and events on the occasion (April 23). 

Library Portal Germany


The Library Portal by the Goethe Institute constitutes a comprehensive collection of resources relating to German libraries and the information scene in Germany. It provides systematic overviews of the German library landscape and current and future trends, a schedule of events, and various articles and links as to international and national cooperations of libraries. 

Reading in the mobile era: a study of mobile reading in developing countries.   


The overall objective of this study is to better understand the habits, attitudes and preferences of mobile readers by examining when, how, why and to what extent people in developing countries read on mobile devices. The study also highlights current opportunities and challenges related to mobile reading, in order to inform the work of various stakeholders wanting to use [...]




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Stiftung Lesen Reading Worldwide Goethe-Institut

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