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Civic continuing education - international

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education   


The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education is the nation's premier organization dedicated to enhancing the field of adult learning. With members from 60 affiliates and 40 nations, the Association represents its members from secondary and post- secondary education, business and labor, military and government and from community-based organizations. AAACE [...]

Berufsbildungssysteme in Europa   


This information on the vocational education systems and the belonging politics, research and praxis of the EU member countries plus Iceland and Norway are provided by ETV ( European Training Village) and CEDEFOP (reference centre in topics of vocational education). Information is available in German, English and the languages of the EU member countries. A thematic overview on [...]

Politische Bildung und Politikforschung   


The department of political education of the faculty for interdisciplinary research and continuing education is located at the university of Klagenfurt. The site documents the following main fields of research: connections of internet and democracy ("cyber democracy"), media and political communication, politics in movies, election processes and contests. Programmes [...]

Société Internationale pour l´Education, la Formation et la Recherche Interculturelle (SIETAR)   


The Society is a NGO and the "leading organisation of its kind". Its aim is "to implement and promote the growth of knowledge and skills in the field of international and intercultural communication, organisations, and policy". The homepage offers texts about respective training courses and a "Center of Gipsy Studies"

Forum Politische Bildung   


The forum is an extra-university institution and information centre sustained by scientists from different branches of study (political science, chronicle, social science and economics) and specialists in didactics. Within the series "Informationen zur Politischen Bildung" ( information in political education), published by the forum, topical books are edited in cooperation [...]

Information Society Website: Education and Training   


This website, managed by DG Information Society, contains a wealth of thematic information produced mainly by the European Commission and other Community actors. Currently around 30 content providers publish on this site, more than 130,000 visitors (2 million hits) navigate it per month. The various topics and policy areas, including education and training, are arranged [...]



The aim of the website is to enable teachers, students (and parents) of Civic, Social and Political Education with the aim to develop active participatory citizens. Information on human rights and global issues and presentation of action projects.




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