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Studying in Germany

Students from abroad can find basic information regarding courses, required qualifications, financing opportunities, and visa regulations for entry here. Most of the information is offered in several languages.

The Education System in the Federal Republic of Germany 2011/2012: Tertiary Sector


A description of the responsibilities, structures and developments in education policy for the exchange of information in Europe - EXCERPT - 
Dokument von: Ständige Konferenz der Kultusminister der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (KMK)

Higher Education (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)


The website by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany, provides statistical figures as to the types of institution in higher education available in Germany. Further information concerns higher education reform policy, particularly the higher education pact, the initiative for excellence and the internationalisation of higher education in Germany. 
Dokument von: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

Study and research in Germany: Application forms and downloads


Downloads and information on grants and financial support for foreign students and scientists, compiled by DAAD.  

Studying in Germany: A Practical Guide for international students. ‚(4th edition, February 2012)


This practical guide provides students seeking a studying or research opportunity in Germany with relevant information and contacts, and intends to support them in planning and organising their stay by presenting steps and appropriate timelines - the printed version of this brochure can be obtained along with a CD Rom featuring international study courses. The online brochure [...] 

Study in Germany - Land of ideas (DAAD portal for international students)


Study-in de is a modern website enhancing the information services by the German Academic Exchange Service: international students can find information about studying and living in Germany in a user-friendly environment that is enriched by Web 2.0 features. While the web structure itself provides access to information on aspects of preparing for study, learning German, [...] 

FAQs: Preparing a successful research stay in Germany


The brochure provides some practical tips and information to help researchers prepare for a research stay in Germany. However, because the landscape is developing so dynamically, the brochure can make no claim to be complete but it offers links to websites where you can find the latest information on visa regulations, health insurance questions, the various kinds of research [...] 
Dokument von: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

Federal Statistical Office: Higher Education


Official statistics of higher education provides fundamental information for planning and political shaping in the higher education sector. Non-monetary statistics of higher education include especially: the statistics of students (students and new entrants), the statistics of examinations (graduates), the statistics of non-enrolled students, the statistics of post-doctoral [...] 

German Funding Programmes for Science and Research (2014)


The brochure presents “German Funding Programmes for Scientists and Researchers” presents a selection of the funding opportunities offered by German research funding organisations and research performing organisations as well as a number of European scholarship programmes. The brochure is specifically aimed at international researchers: PhD students, scholars who have a [...] 

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, Geschäftsstelle (DAAD) / German Academic Exchange Service


In its capacity as the largest German support organisation in the field of international academic co-operation, the DAAD, with considerable public funds at its disposal, simultaneously fulfils responsibilities in foreign cultural and academic policy, development co-operation policy and national higher education policy. Indeed German higher education policy focuses on the [...] 

Higher Education Compass (featured by: Association of Universities and other Higher Education Institutions in Germany HRK)


The Higher Education Compass is an information service on all German higher education institutions and the degrees they offer, it is published by the German Rectors` Conference. The information includes a list of universities with direct access to their websites, degree courses and doctoral courses, international degrees and a newsletter. 

Study in Germany - - information portal


Study in Germany offers information on training, studying, research opportunities and living in Germany.  

Courses of study in Germany. All academic programmes - DAAD


The site introduces the web information service by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). It provides information on studying and researching in Germany (types of universities and course, stipends). Furthermore, a “Frequently Asked Questions“ section provides answers to typical problems students from abroad face when planning a period of research or study in Germany, [...] 

Information for foreign students wishing to undertake a student internship (work placement) in Germany (§ 2 No. 3 Employment Ordinance – BeschV)


The document provides twenty questions and answers pertinent to internships (work placements) in Germany, applicable for foreign students: where and how to apply, what documents to submit, how to organise visa and health insurance. The date is October 2008. 

Higher Education Opportunities in Germany


This online service provides you with comprehensive information in order to prepare for studying at a college or university in Germany. Here you can obtain essential information on admissions and the application process, promotional possibilities as well as the various types of universities and degrees. You can find detailed information on the subject matter and structure [...] 

Entrance to courses

Study and Research in Germany - DAAD


The website informs first year students, graduate students and doctoral students on the application procedures necessary for entering a higher education institution in Germany. 

Stipends and grants

Scholarships database Germany - DAAD


This is where you can find information on various kinds of DAAD funding for foreign students, graduates and postdocs as well as on funding (e.g. scholarships) offered by other selected organisations.  

Tuition fees and loans

Study and Research in Germany: Expenses / Finance


The website by the German Academich Exchange Service, provides information on costs and fees higher education students are likely to face, respectively asked to ascertain. 

KfW information for students and professionals (loans)


The KfW banking group in Germany offers student loans for higher education and professionalisation in VET in Germany, on reasonable terms. This website informs potential applicants on conditions and procedures. 

Visa and Insurance Requirements

Visa. Entry into the country - DAAD


The website is provided by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), it informs international clients on the visa conditions applying to students. Thus, it answers questions concerning the conditions that must be met for the admission to higher education institutions with regard to immigration legislation. 

Studying in Germany as a foreigner Requirement – health- and nursing insurance


The website provides English language information regarding the compulsory helth insurance for foreign students in Germany (reqquirements for EU citizens, non-EU citizens), and country information for Germany, Austria, Poland. 

See also Foreign students , but note that some of the resources on this site are in German only.




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