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The German Education Server disclaims liability for the accuracy and completeness of entries contained on this website, whether based editorial or technical errors, omissions or otherwise. This is particularly pertinent as education and the internet are subject to such rapid change.

Specifically, no guarantee shall be given for the completeness and accuracy of information obtained through external sources linked to these pages.

Third party providers shall be made responsible for their supplied content pursuant to applicable law. Differentiation shall be made between `proprietary contents` and `links` to information supplied by other providers. The German Education Server shall not assume responsibility for the content of third party websites that are linked herein. The provision of such links are made available for general reference purposes only.Third party providers shall be solely responsible for their entries. Hence, they may update or change the contents of their website at any time without the prior knowledge or editiorial consent of the German Education Server.

The following policy statement shall govern the use of all linked sites contained in this website: We expressly emphasise that do not have any influence over design or content of linked websites. We thus dissociate ourselves expressly from all contents available from external sources linked to our homepage. Nor do we acknowledge wholly or partly its contents as our own. This policy shall apply to all the linked pages contained on our homepage, including references pointing to other linked sites.

If you have any reason to believe that the content of any referred site may be inappropriate, please let us know.

The German Education Server reserves the right to amend or complement the information provided herein without prior notice and, if necessary, to remove the information.




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