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By clicking the icon SchulWeb you can reach our portal for pupils.

The SchulWeb provides its services in order to promote contacts between pupils in Germany, Europe and worldwide, it offers divers contact opportunities for this purpose.
SchulWeb is a community you can shape yourselves; for instance by improving and updating the databases (schools, school newspapers, competiitions etc.).

Currently the data base registers nearly 10,000 records of German speaking schools, approx. 650 Austrian schools, 400 Swiss schools and nearly 200 schools worldwide providing a German language homepage.

School newspapers
Approx. 1.600 school newspapers published by SchulWeb schools, and 160 further newspapers, are registered here.

School radio
This category allows for the entry of school radio programmes. School projects and programmes can be searched, and contacts established.

School trips
School classes report for other school classes- the school trip data base is a new information service provided by SchulWeb. It lists information about the destination, accomodation and costs as well as activities and highlights of the trip.




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