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Statistics on education in Germany

This website presents resources focusing on thematically relevant facts and figures for education in Germany. The sources are available in English. You can find more official information and current statistical data for education in Germany on the website of the Federal Statistical Office, which is accessible in English, too. A focus is placed on current topics,e.g. inclusive education.

Compact data on education. The most important statistics on the educational system in Germany. 2016


Official statistical information on education in Germany, e.g. school enrolment figures in compulsory education, school leaving,. 
Dokument von: Ständige Konferenz der Kultusminister der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (KMK)

Federal Statistical Office: Data on Education, Research and Culture


The Federal Statistical Office disseminates statistical information regarding education, culture and science on this site, e.g. school statistics, vocational training data, formal level of qualification data. 

Country data and background information for Germany (European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education)


The data and country information for Germany were assessed for the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education to enable comparisons across European countries, focusing on children aged nine and students aged 15 with special educational needs. 

Federal Statistical Office: Figurres on schools in Germany


Official data concerning schhool data in Germany, published by the Federal Statistical Office. 

Vocational training (Federal Statistical Office)


The Federal Statistical Office Germany publishes basic facts as to the dual system of vocational education and training on this website, along with data regarding VET allocations, according to sectors. 

Federal Statistical Office: Higher Education


Official statistics of higher education provides fundamental information for planning and political shaping in the higher education sector. Non-monetary statistics of higher education include especially: the statistics of students (students and new entrants), the statistics of examinations (graduates), the statistics of non-enrolled students, the statistics of post-doctoral [...] 

Key figures on research and development - Federal Statistical Office


The website lists expenditures according to the categories “government and private non-profit sectors“, “business enterprises“, and higher education sector. 




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