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Institution Nr. 7967

fact+film Medienproduktionsgesellschaft mbH (fact+film)

Sitz Contrescarpe 8c
28203 Bremen
Kontakt E-Mail Adresse:info@fact-film.de
Internetadresse: http://www.fact-film.de/Index_e.htm
Telefon +49 (0) 421-3399492
Telefax +49 (0) 421-3399549

Our passion is to wrap complex and difficult topics in a fascinating package. Nothing is more interesting than reality. We have never stopped being curious. Our aim is to supply you with media products of the best quality. For this reason we work with creative and professional partners and technically refined equipment. We enjoy working as a team, also and above all with our customers. Individual media concepts are our strength. Not every message needs moving pictures, a new corporate design or a brochure can also convey ideas and generate feelings. Our message is clear. Take advantage of our competence for your needs!

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