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Institution Nr. 4726

Finken-Verlag GmbH

Sitz Zimmersmühlenweg 40
61440 Oberursel
Postanschrift Postfach 1546
61405 Oberursel
Kontakt E-Mail Adresse:info@finken.de
Internetadresse: http://www.finken.de/international-customers-welcome
Telefon 06171 6388-0
Telefax 06171 6388-44

Founded in 1949, Finken Verlag has specialized in producing high-quality learning and teaching materials for children from 3 to 12 years old. Finken learning materials can be used at kindergarten, at school and at home. The authors are experienced pedagogues; all titles are tested by teachers and school classes. Our objectives are to supply pedagogues with materials that will - accentuate the holistic approach to education - support cooperative and collaborative learning - motivate children to become self-directed learners - help children to develop good study habits

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