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Institution Nr. 10299

Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG - Technisches Institut für Aus- und Weiterbildung
Dr.-Ing. Paul Christani GmbH & Co. KG - Technical Institute For Vocational Training

Sitz Hermann-Hesse-Weg 2
78464 Konstanz
Postanschrift 10 01 55
78401 Konstanz
Kontakt E-Mail Adresse:info@christiani.de, E-Mail Adresse:info@christiani-tvet.com
Internetadresse: http://www.christiani-tvet.com
Telefon 07531 5801-26
Telefax 07531 5801-85

For more than 75 years, Christiani has been offering solutions for efficient training and further training to educational markets. From specialist books, training courses and interactive computer-based training to practical projects and simulations for the practical qualification of the students, Christiani supports education in many technical disciplines.

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