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Association for early multilingualism in day nurseries and schools, reg. soc.. (FMKS e.V.)

Steenbeker Weg 81
24106 Kiel

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The society provides information and counselling on various aspects of early bilingual learning, including a list of addresses (bilingual preschools and schools, by school type, for European languages, day care facilities with bilingual approaches).


Bilingual education, School Brochures, English, Foreign language, Nursery school, Day nursery, Multilingualism, Language,

Type of institution alliance/ association/ interest group
Country Germany
Phone +49 431 389 04 79; +49 321 212 414 88 Sprachbox, FMKS ruft zurück
Telefax +49 321 212 414 88
Last modified 15.10.2019
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