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You are welcome to register your interesting educational services in our data bases, free of charge and without any obligation (see the page 'What is meant by "Suggest a Link"?' ). The full integration of your record is preceded by an editorial assessment, which may take a few days depending on the work load. Hence, you cannot find your entry on the Eduserver immediately.

There is no legal claim to a record in the data base, please check our criteria for entry. Moreover, the editors Moreover, the editors reserve their right to delete entries, or to enter the information into a data base other than the one suggested by you. Also, the entries are edited and adapted to the needs of our information systems if this is necessary.

Please contact the person in charge if you have any questions concerning your entry. Please check first if the entry does not already exist!.

The following data bases can be chosen:

Online resources

Software providers are requested to contact SODIS (new media in teaching).
Pedagogical publications can also be suggested for being recorded in the FIS Bildung bibliographical data base.


Schools with their own website

Individual persons

Events Veranstaltungen Possibility to enter your own events in English. Possibilité d'scrire en français votre manifestations.

Only single events are recorded, and no complete event schedules.


Only individual competitions are registered.

Jobs in Education

    Job search

    Job vacancies


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